Native Pad Editing in Layout

Discussion created by Jerry_Suiter on Apr 24, 2009


We are looking into supporting native pad editing within Expedition PCB.  This means the user will be able to select a pad within layout and do an instance edit of this pad geometry.  We have a few different use cases for this request:

·         RF Layout – Allow the user to modify a pads geometry on an instance basis specific to improve the RF characteristics of the connection.  For example:

o   Smooth the edges of the pad to reduce pad parasitic effects

o   Elongate a side of the pad to create a smooth transition into the incoming transmission line.

o   Increase the overall size of a pad, kind of like putting a tooth crown for better current flow.

o   Increase two sides of a pad to allow a meander/transmission line to come in smooth into the pad without a bend

·         PCB layout – Allows the user in a very tight area to make slight adjustments to the pad geometry for placement, squeeze one more cap along the edge of the board, or even to be able to fit additional routing through an area.

·         Adv. Packaging – Allows the user to customize individual bond pad geometries to make room for additional bond wires.

Are there other use cases where as a layout person you would want to quickly be able to edit specific pad geometry within layout without having to change the pad using the Padstack Editor?  Once editied, these pads will be seen by the system as a custom pad.

Jerry Suiter

ExpeditionPCB/XtremePCB Product Marketing Manager