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Power Pin isolated to an instance of a block

Question asked by tmiddleton on Oct 2, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by jduquette

Is there a way to have a power pin be a unique net within a given block. This is a two part issue.

1) Having a local power plane (puddle) per instance of the block.


2) Having a more "global" power plane (puddle) per instance of the block that would be attached on the outside of the block.


My scenario is this, each instance of the block gets (potentially) the same input power (a pin on the block or #2 above) then generates other voltage rails within the block that must be separate from other instances of the block, thereby not a "global net" (#1 from above). I'd like to present the schematic keeping the idea of separated power planes without having them visually be "just" nets so using a symbol would make sense I think.


Some of what I think would work:

1) Remove the NETNAME from the power rail symbol. (P.S. this doesn't seem to work)


2) Not use the symbols (not ideal) and just use the port symbol for the external connected net (#2) and leave the other power puddles (#1) as "nets"