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    Copper flooding in VX 2.4


      Copper flooding in VX2.4

      I now have more copper flooding problems in VX 2.4.

      Here is the bottom side of a pcb, and the relevant flood is the top one just above XR2. The outline is what the flood should look like, and indeed does in VX 2.2.

      See picture below:



      If I flood it in VX 2.4 this is what I get:



      But this is what I get after flooding. It seems to generate a clearance around the top pad of XR2. One way I can get it to work is if I include the top part as part of the flood, either by modifying the flood outline to include the centre of the top pad of XR2, or add a circle of flood directly on the centre of the top pad of XR2 (so it generates a white x (copper plane indicator) when it floods) as shown below:



      There are lots of rules on this pcb (as its mains input!) but this new behaviour seems a bit bizarre. I have noticed other areas that don't flood unless the flood outline includes the centre of the pad. Is it me or is it Pads??!!!!

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          I do know that as of VX2.4 if the Pour Outline does not cover the center (origin) of the pad it will not flood over it.


          From your second to third pictures the clearance of the pour to the top pad of XR2 is different.  The second picture has a much bigger clearance.  That is at least part of the reason your pour is separating around that thru hole.

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            Yes, I had to draw a weird shape for the copper plane outline for the third picture to include the centre of XR2 pad.

            For picture 2 PADS seems to be applying some clearance rule that shouldn't apply as it's the same net! In picture 2, XR2 pad already has plane thermal ticked even if it doesn't have a white cross on it.

            All of this means that any pcb with a copper pour (and lots of our pcbs have them!) will need a lot of checking before we can use it. This is just very annoying and time consuming. Thanks anyway cbedard.