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      Kendall and John,

      When is the next planned update to the AATK?

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          I am sorry, I have been delinquent in getting the new release out and reading this website. (I even asked to get it created)


          The current release is AATK4.0




          AATK is userware and NOT Mentor Graphics supported.


          The updates I need to include in 4.1 mainly include:

          1. Flip Chip Automation.
            1. ASCII file to Cell/PDB/Pads HKP
            2. Some generic scripts as proof of concept for doing die level layout
          2. Radial Placement (Trying to get the motion Graphics to work so the part rotates as you move the mouse)
          3. Radial Fanout (Great for fanout of the new bond wire pads or parts on any angle)
          4. Automation for Drawing Editor (Push button drawings)


          If you need any of this please let me know...