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Run into crashes when trying to draw a table from around 8+ datasets

Question asked by j.j on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by samantha_lizak


The customer have had crashes in a couple of cases:

1. A single dataset with 15 sites, which he generates a report from unmerged (i.e. each site in it's own dataset), and then try to create a table.
2. 15 separate datasets with a merged report, and then try to create a table.

Sometimes the application would just hang, and customer had get a standard Windows "program is not responding" window, also with this error message:


Another issue customer saw was that intermittently he read in a few datasets and they would be read in as empty, i.e. all their values were 0  (note in the image below dataset_2 was not empty, and on a second attempt it read in with actual values):


Please find the datasets that crashed unmerged in the attached 2 stdf files, and the datasets that crashed merged in the zip file.

Thanks for your help!