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Netlist error (error 5709)

Question asked by gedeakins on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by wheelspcb

We have a DxDes schematic in version 9.2 (PADS netlist flow) that creates a netlist no problem. When I take this schematic into version 9.5, will not netlist (w/above error). WIR file indicated in the schematic.err file exists and appears correct. I have removed all the WIR files and had them re-generated. Still get the error. We have full permissions to the WIR directory, and no hierarchical blocks or symbols in the design. The file path has NO spaces. And the page it indicates that can't be opened doesn't have any nets on it, just the title page w/notes, Ran diagnostics, no errors. Any ideas???