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Exclude component - Yes - No - Short

Question asked by radek on Oct 23, 2018

Hi colleagues,


can anyone tell me how those options works? I know they are not for Exclude from partlist property, which is (as I think) for preventing part from being send to Layout (netlist). what is the difference between  “exclude component”  and “exclude from layout” in PADSVX.2

I want to ask about those related to simulation, Exclude component from component context menu in (PADS/Xpedition) Designer is related to simulation, right?

Options under Exclude Component are No - Yes - Short but I did not noticed any difference in circuit behavior when I use them. When I set Short option for lets say capacitor, it still filters DC part of signal (as displayed in Ezwave).


Is there a way to short or not take in account component in AMS simulation?