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Access Permissions Control on each Schematic Sheet in XDx Designer

Question asked by abeesett on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by varunk

We are having issues with tracking - who made the changes in the schematics sheet. We have a kind of common-work space environment from Mentor – where we cannot track the changes made by each DE from the specific schematics sheets/ prj back up files.



Having a kind of private work-spaces can help to track the changes (when/who) made the change . Do we need any additional licenses to set up these permissions for each schematic sheet to grant Read Only/Read+Write Permissions so that only the DE with Write permissions can make changes to the schematics.


Can we set up an access control permissions on each schematics sheet in xDxDesigner? or a kind of tracking with user name. Any hints or ideas to implement the Read/Write permissions.