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Question asked by cgoldenbus on Oct 30, 2018

I'm working on a process that every artwork package includes an IPC -D-356 netlist as part of the fab package to allow the fab house to accurately net-list test the board for shorts and opens instead of using gerber nets.

I tested this on a board that had a fab issue for some missing traces, they were obvious as they dead-ended on an internal layer.


Generating an IPC netlist from the Panel is basically as good as generating it from the one up in the sense it only creates on instance.

Now when I import my Gerber's into CAM350 and import my IPC Netlist, the netnames only appear in one instance in the panel.


Would it make sense to verify the one up and send the one up netlist or, verify the one up to eliminate errors and then send the panel version with the panelized artwork?


Seems to me the nets could have been offset by board instance number much like the old panel bom.vbs. so GND might become GND_1, GND_2 etc..


Are there plans to output a full panel netlist or at least include offsets for like boards in the panel?