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    Hierarchical design in PADS 9.5




      We are using PADS 9.5 and was exploring the tool to do a hierarchical design. It looks like we cannot add more than 1 sheet to a block and is limited.

      Is it a limitation in PADS 9.5? Please confirm.



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          Hello Sathisa,

          as far as I know there are no limitations. We used PADS 9.5 (netlist flow), our schematics were created using DxDesigner. Our preffered approach was Bottom-Up, which means we first created the schmatics of the block ("File" --> "New" --> "Schematic" [a new block appears in Project Navigator "Blocks"]) and then used the command "Tools" --> "Generate Block Symbol". This symbol was then added to our schematics from DxDatabook (Tab "Symbols", partition name: "[local symbols]").


          Kind regards,