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    How to blank variants not used in SRP sheets???


      I am creating variant deigns, and I don't want SRP reference sheets to show parts not used in a particular variant.  Parts have the property "assy excluded" and that part of the variant that they belong to.  But everything shows up on the SRP cross reference sheets, including parts that are not part of the BOM due to not being included in this variant.


      BTW using DA_DMS.  

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          Apparently you cannot "blank" variants, but you can blank hiearchy.


          In other words if you have a variant you do not want the parts to appear that are not used in that variant on the SRP sheets...  these are "extra components."   Variants do not blank out the parts not used.


          But if you create those parts in a hiearchy, you can use the hiearchy to remove or "blank" the parts not used in that version.



          How to exclude hier block schematic sheets from SRP evaluation/sheet numbering? Add the property SHEET_TYPE with the value IGNORE to the title block of the hierarchical block sheet. Using the value of Ignore will direct SRP to skip evaluation of the sheet nor annotate the SHEET_NUM or NUM_OF_SHEETS properties.

          For those designs which were modified by a previous SRP execution that included all sheets for evaluation and/or previously numbered all sheets, perform the following steps before executing SRP with the SHEET_TYPE property assigned with the IGNORE value:

          1. In BA, open the top root level of the schematic design, then open down to the schematic sheet of the hierarchical block. Add property SHEET_TYPE with the value IGNORE to the same title block line segment that the SHEET_NUM and NUM_OF_SHEETS property is added to by executing Properties> Add Property.

          2. Delete the SHEET_NUM and NUM_OF_SHEETS properties from title block by

          executing Properties> Modify Properties > hit Delete button after selecting the property to delete.

          3. Ensure that all of the existing Xref_symbol instances are removed from the sheet by executing Select by Property> Comp property with value Xref and then deleting the xref symbols as represented by a small dash mark near the ports or off page connectors.

          4. Check, save, and close schematic sheet.

          5. Execute a clean Build.

          6. Check, save, and close schematic sheet again.

          7. Rerun SRP and afterward note that the schematic sheet which contains the property SHEET_TYPE with value IGNORE does not include the Xref or sheet number annotations.