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Fractured parts crossing libraries

Question asked by tmiddleton on Oct 31, 2018

What we would like to do is fracture an FPGA and store the components in multiple libraries. The reason we were thinking this is to have some of the fractured symbol that will not change: Power, GND, CONFIG, XCVR located in a central library. Then using our home-brew symbol generator, create the other (functional) fractures then tie them together with instance HETERO that includes all parts. The reasoning on this is that the functional fractures would not make sense to collocate in the central library since other users would have different pin functionality. We are trying to have a more centralized repository for our parts, but maybe this is a case where the common parts need to be located in the default library.


Currently it is structured: (names just for example)

<central lib>\sym\












However when I go to package, this is giving me a stream of hetero errors that seemed to correspond to central library part's hetero pointing to project part and project part's hetero pointing to central lib parts. By copying the central library fractures into "default" this seems to work. Is there a way to reference them across libraries in this case?