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Any good work arounds for Templates not updating in CES?

Question asked by jleine on Nov 5, 2018

This one of those bugs that makes Xpedition tough to love.

One of the great features of using templates in CES/Constraint manager is when you update a template the change should propagate to all the places it was used in the design. This is great except it does not work consistently. There is currently a defect pending because it only updates on some of the nets, but not all with no obvious reason. The only solution is search for all the places it was applied and then remove them and then reapply them.


I am tasked with helping other engineers learn to use Xpedition Designer and as part of that I have to sell it. This is hard when the good features are undercut by working intermittently. Has anyone come up with a good work around to getting the templates up update when they do not do so automatically?


Thanks in advance.