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PADS VX.2.4, how is it?

Question asked by hitec100 on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by hitec100

I see that PADS VX.2.4 has been out long enough now for Mentor to have released Update 1 for it. If anybody has been using PADS VX.2.4, I'd be interested to your thoughts about it, positive, negative or neutral.


I'm still using PADS VX.2.2 (Update 10 now), and decided some time ago not to go to VX.2.3 due to a number of issues. For example, for some reason if legacy symbols in PADS Designer (DxDesigner) had a "Forward to PCB" property with a value of False, VX.2.3 acted like "Part List Exclude" had suddenly also become True for that symbol. This affected how VX.2.3 treated heatsinks, screws, batteries and other mechanical items on the schematic that were meant for the BOM only. That issue plus others related to PADS Layout's DRC checker caused me to stay with VX.2.2.


Now VX.2.4 is out and I think with Update 1 this issue as well as others may have been fixed. I expect I'll be trying it out soon. Anybody on this forum using it? What do you think of it?