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Can PADS layout files be imported to PADS PRO? If yes, how?

Question asked by advntr_inxs on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by gedeakins

Our company just bought PADS Professional. Going through the tutorial is not fun, or intuitive, or thoroughly explained. I keep getting hung up on small things like "once I place a mounting hole, it's impossible to move". I have all layers turned on. The item is not locked, yet it is invisible to the mouse and I have spent hours trying to figure out small nuances which should be evident or easy to figure out. How do I get the grids to remain visible? They appear and disappear as I perform small functions.

I can't even get my L) mouse button to select an item (only the R mouse is selecting). The tutorial is clear and it clearly doesn't work?


So frustrating! It seems to be a very non-intuitive program. It looks to have some great functions and I'm sure I'll like it once learned, but I hate it as of this moment.

Or at least, I hate the documentation. It's haphazard and missing context that I would like to have.


So now that I've unloaded a little steam, I'm a  bit concerned that perhaps PADS Layout files are incompatible with PADSPro.

Is this true?


If not, how do I import or start with an PADS Layout design?