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    Export IPC2581 in Pads?


      Hi All,


      Can I export IPC2581 in pads VX2.3 version

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          Thanks for your post, sathish.kalaiselvan. You have posted it in the Members Resources area, which is for general communities questions and suggestions. I will move it to the PADS community where it will receive greater visibility. I also noticed that your user name being displayed was your email address. Members sometimes inadvertently use their email for a user name. I took the liberty to change it to just your first name.last name. If you would like it changed to something else, please let me know. thanks.

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            Yes, you can export IPC2581 with PADS VX.2.3.  From the File > Export, select the ODB++ export format and click Save. On the ODB++ export dialog, you can check the box for IPC2581. The XML file in the IPC2581 format will be created alongside the .tgz for the ODB++.