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Sumilate the splits plane and gaps effect on SI, PI and EMC ?

Question asked by Haithem on Nov 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by Haithem

Dear Mentor Support Team,


I am very interested to know and find a solution to simulate the effect split plans and gaps in Signal Integrity, Power integrity and EMI.

I would like also to know if there is a solution to configure Hyperlynx SI & PI simulators to take into account the effect of Splits and Gaps in the reference plane particularly the effect of the "NO IDEAL RETURN PATH" on SI, PI and EMI?


I also find a similar question with an interesting answer (link) that refers to some Technote, but links are not found!


TechNote MG77086: Setting Up Traces Coupled to Areafills

TechNote MG27602: Simulating the Effects Traces Going Over Split Planes

TechNote MG61444: Analyzing Signal Traces Routed on Plane Layers or Within Area-fills


Could you please share with me the up to date links?

Kind Regards,