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Generating a BOM from Layout, in normal "one line per part type" format

Question asked by dmeeks on Nov 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by Community_Admin

Hello group -

I am still using Pads 9.4 schematic and layout.

So forgive me if maybe newer versions take care of this issue.

I have created an Assembly Variant in layout. So now I need to generate a BOM for the CM, in the format that they can use for purchasing parts. From schematic, I generate a BOM that looks like this:


ItemQtyReferenceDescriptionManufacturerMfr Part Number
271A1Antenna, Chip, 2.4-2.483GHzPulseW3008
171C1Cap, 22uF, 25V, 0.36 ohms, 240mA rms, 5dia x 5.8LNichiconUCL1E220MCL1GS
231C13Cap, 10uF, 10V, Tantalum, A-CaseKemetT491A106K010AT
161C14Cap, 22uF, 10, 16V, X5R, 1210KemetC1210C226K4PAC
111C15Cap, 1pF, 0.5%, 100V, NPO, 0603KemetC0603C109D1GAC
2C16, C17Cap, 1pF, 0.5%, 100V, NPO, 0604KemetC0603C109D1GAC
122C2, C12Cap, 1uF, 10%, 10V, X5R, 0603KemetC0603C105K8PAC
13C3, C5, C11Cap, 0.1uF, 10%, 50V, X7R, 0603KemetC0603C104K5RAC
131C4Cap, 1uF, 10%, 25V, X5R, 1206KemetC1206C105K3PAC



How can I generate a similar BOM from within layout? I have tried using the Basic Script Editor, but I can't get it to show one part type per line (grouping the reference designators).


Any ideas?