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Layout corrupted after PADS Layout Crashed

Question asked by kollateral on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by vica_pcb

Ok so, I was working for a week on a new project. Today I was almost at the end but, while I was creating a ground plane, suddenly PADS Layout decided to crash.

Now, I save often, so I wasn't worried, but Idon't usually make a backup of the file because I NEVER had problem with crash with other ECAD (Altium & Orcad).


But now, when I try to open the file I got an error that says: "invalid binary file format, cannot read binary file" (see images attached) and then the sw open the start-up file.


Tell me there is a fix to this.... because, even tho I had to make a backup (is always a good thing to do) this is simply unacceptable.

I will reject Pads in a second.


Thanks for any folks that would help.