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How to include top or bottom info and XY-coördinates from PCB in schematic partlist (PADS Professional)

Question asked by fontain on Nov 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by pbo

In PADS Standard we used a automation script in PADS layout to extract information on the top or bottom location of the parts, as well as their XY-coördinates, to an Excel file.


We recently moved from PADs Standard to PADS Professional.

In PADS Professional Layout you have the option to back-annotate the cell names to the schematic (as the cell definition for top and bottom can be different).

Now I'm looking for a way to back annotate the PCB-side (top or bottom) and the XY-location back to the schematic, so that I can include this information in my partlist.


Is this standard functionality in PADS Professional?

Or does the tool provide another way to extract this data?