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Terminal of part library

Question asked by dvorav on Nov 20, 2018



      I have a design with harness . I am clicking right on connector in design and pop up window with properties and then in General in library part

      i open properties and there in Housing Tab there is Sub_Component i click in properties and then is opened window there in properties tab i want to know the value of :

      max pin current

      pin resitance cm

      in the code i wrote :

      IXLibreryobject libobj=((IXLibrariedobject)connector).getlibreryobject();

      libobj.getHousingDefinition(); //here i get the sub component. how can i search this sub-component and take the value of the ringterminls:

      max pin current

      pin resitance cm

                        Best Regards,

                               dvora !