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Creating a Calibre View from an Extracted Netlist

Question asked by ranaya on Nov 28, 2018

Hi All,

I have an extracted netlist with parasitics given by the IP provider for all standard cells. However this netlist (shown in below link, only for one cell) looks more like a .cdl than a pex.netlist.


How can I add a "Calibre View" to a cell using this netlist ? I know the netlist can be imported as a Spice netlist to the OA library (I use IC 6.1.5) so that I have a schematic with all resistors and capacitors. However in SpiceIn process normally the analogLib is attached as the reference library to those parastics. I assume that is not accurate as parasitics in the netlist will not be mapped (Calview.celmap in this case missing) to right models in PDK like what we do in PEX process.


Thanks and Regards