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    PADS 9.x Viewer Download?


      I had tried posting this earlier, but it did not seem to get posted. Trying again...


      The Mentor site only has the provision for getting the PADS VX Viewer. Our designs are still at PADS 9.3, and the PADS VX Viewer specifies that it only supports designs from all PADS VX.x through VX.2.4. The PADS 9.x viewer required an activation code which was provided in an email after filling out the annoying marketing form. However, that now sends an email with a link to download the PADS VX Viewer. Can an activation code for the PADS 9.3 viewer still be acquired?

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          If you are trying to view Layout or Logic files, those will open in an unlicensed version of VX.2.3 (and probably 2.4).   Viewdraw will need a viewer. 

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            Thanks for the response.


            Yes, I do know that an unlicensed install will be able to open PADS files, as it opens in "demo" mode. I'm trying to avoid that. Besides, as I mentioned in my email, Mentor has stated on the web site that the viewer for VX only supports VX designs, not PADS 9.x.


            Ever since Mentor made it mandatory to request an activation code for a viewer just so they can collect marketing information, I have been unable to install just a simple viewer without having to jump through hoops put in by the marketing department. Hence, now I can't install the viewer even though I have the installation files.


            So, my question to Mentor remains: how can we still install the viewer for PADS 9.x?

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              just recently I downloaded the viewer for VX-2.4 for several colleagues in my department (one download, multiple installations). I asked one of them to opened a PCB file, that was created using PADS 9.5. It opened without problems; I could switch layers, hide and show traces and text, and so on.


              My suggestion is to fill in the form (as registered user for the "full" version you will get loads of emails from mentor allready) and then give it a try.


              Kind regards,


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                Wow. That actually worked. Thanks!

                Not sure why the page for the VX viewer says "Reads designs from all PADS VX.x through VX.2.4 releases", with no mention of 9.x.