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VX2.4 Border symbol for First Sheet not used unless @SHEET = 1

Question asked by troy.taylor on Nov 30, 2018

I upgraded form PADS 9.5 to VX2.4 this week, and I am having a problem with our borders. The borders worked fine in PADS 9.5. I setup the our customer borders a few years ago using suggested practices from Mentor guides. As suggested by Mentor, we use the @SHEET property for out sheet names


If I set my Title page @SHEET property value to something other than "1", my border gets incorrectly replaced with the Border symbol for next sheet.


Any ideas on how to resolve this?



Screenshots after I performed Tools-->Update Other Objects

Title Page with @SHEET set to "1". The border is correctly bsheet_landscape_printorder_1.1.


Title Page with @SHEET set to "Title". The border should be bsheet_landscape_printorder_1.1, but was incorrectly forced to bsheet_landscape_printorder_2.2: