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    DDRx Batch simulation results


      Hello all,
      I am using DDRx Batch simulations to simulate Alliance memory's AS4C512M16D3L-12BIN DDR3L with NXP's processor T1042.  I am applying some sweaps to check which terminations resistors should I use and what ODT model should be used.

      When the simulations are completed, it gives me results about pass and fail but it is not showing the sweep columns so that I may see for which condition it passes the tests and and for which value it fails. Can someone help whether I am missing something or what's the issue?

      After waiting for at least  3 - 4 hours I came up with no results about the simulations.



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          Good morning, Ather. I've moved your question to the HyperLynx SI sub-community where it should get a faster response.

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            It's not clear from your description what you are doing. You mentioned DDRx batch so I thought you were running the DDRx Wizard, but that tool does not run parameter sweeps. Can you tell us what menu item you pick to get started with this analysis? That will help us understand what path you are on.




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              Thanks weston for your response

              I am running ddrx batch simulation to check my signals integrity by performing different sweeps on ODT models and termination resistance values.

              At the end of the the simulation it generates a report but the sweep column is missing. I had seen a webinar in which same report is generated but with sweep column and that obviously makes  sense that on which condition our test pass and on which condition tests fails.


              In my case report is generated; pass/fail is mentioned; but not the sweep conditions. How may I know which ODT model is suitable for me or which termination resistor value is suitable ?