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    Import board outline DXF


      Hello, I was looking for information of how to import an DXF and create a board outline in PADS Layout from the file. Is there a document detailing the process? There was a discussion on this date in 2014 but it seemed to have been deleted.

      Thank you

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          as for all documentation refering to PADS-Tools, go to Help --> Open PADS Layout Help. (For different tools, the menu-point to select will have differnt names.)

          This Link opens an html-document (for me: file:///C:/MentorGraphics/PADSVX.2.3/docs/index.html#infohub=padslayout_ih&tab=docs), here you can access documentation for all tools. As you opend "Help" from PADS-Layout, this tool will be preselected (1); the "Layout User's Guide.." will be preselected too (2), so you will only have to select "Open xxx" (3) as you prefer.

          Within the document you search for "dxf" and follow the link "Importing DXF Files".

          Hope this helps,

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