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Error with Calibre DRC/PEX using IBM PDK

Question asked by growingmind on Dec 9, 2018
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I am using a fairly recent IBM PDK with Calibre 2011 and Cadence IC6.1.4 - both of which are fairly old, probably before the PDK was created.


PDK says it was tested with Cadence IC6.1.7 and Calibre 2015.


I am getting an error with the DRC rules file: I attached it here and deleted the proprietary information.


Is this error because of the version of Cadence I am using and the version of Calibre ?


If I upgrade either or both - will this error go away ?


Can I be fixed with the set up I am using now ?


This posting is similar to one from 8 years ago here which had no answer:


Calibre xRC, PEX setup for 65nm IBM


Can anyone help me resolve this issue ?


Thank you