An Xpedition For Ideas

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The Mentor Ideas site had its 10 year anniversary a few months ago, so it seems appropriate to take at least a small snapshot of what has been accomplished here by observing some metrics, if only for the Xpedition section in this case.


As of this writing, 2274 Xpedition Ideas have been logged. Of those, only 130 Ideas have received a "score", based on user votes, of greater than 100, which is not a particularly good record for us as users.  If we want Mentor to respond to our Ideas, then we as a group need to show more passion toward reviewing what others have posted.  Go use the search tool provided to find those older Ideas that may be bugging you now, and vote for them.


From 2274 Ideas, Mentor claims to have Implemented 413 of them, but only 39 of those have a "score" that is greater than 100.  A lot of them only have a few votes.  While this indicates a substantial resolution rating in excess of 18%, we cannot help but wonder how Mentor justifies working on selected Ideas for which there is such low demand.  In addition, Mentor implementation does not necessarily equate to user satisfaction.


Further, 177 Ideas have been Archived, and the rationale behind many of them is that they are duplicate Ideas.  It might be interesting to see if ALL of the votes from the identical Ideas have been merged into the active Ideas.  Also, 193 Ideas have been identified as Out Of Scope.  Users who filed these might want to review them and request that they be reclassified and regarded as relevant.


At present, 11 Ideas are either Planned or Planned Not Scheduled, and 61 Ideas are Under Consideration.  Many of these are old, and have user comments asking when the Idea will become a reality.  And finally, that leaves 1419 Ideas that have simply been Received, which represents a whopping 62% of the Ideas existing in limbo.  This includes 39 Ideas having a "score" exceeding 100.


So, those are the current metrics, again, only for Xpedition.  Mentor has a lot of other tools, which have a variety of associated statistics.  And, Ideas are limited to being Enhancement Requests.  Mentor also has a huge untallied backlog of Service Requests and Defect Reports to handle as software bugs.


This discussion area might be regarded as a good forum for providing user feedback to Mentor on how we think they are doing.  In the meantime, keep those Ideas coming, folks, and Happy Holidays!