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    VeSys 2.0:  Panning


      VeSys 2.0 should have the panning capabilities of VeSys Classic, having to click a pan button is really annoying and it would speed up drawing navigation considerably.  In my experience most CAD tools have the panning facilities from the mouse and so should VeSys 2.0, I'd gladly sacrifice those stroke things in favor of panning...unless there is a stroke for 'draw my harness for me'!

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          Keep the left mouse button held down for more than a second and the cursor changes to the panning icon.


          (This is only applicable when the cursor is in 'Select' mode)

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            Thanks again for the fast response, that is useful to know.


            I have tried it and although it works it is a little slow because ever time you pan you need to hold the mouse button for 1 second, in VeSys Classic you can instantly pan around a large harness drawing using the middle mouse button.  I appreciate holding the mouse for one second may seem like a trivial amount of time but if you were to spend a day updating an 800 wire harness where you are doing large amounts of panning you will soon see what I mean!


            Thanks again for the quick answer.

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              Actually it's nowhere near a second! It's just over 40ms.


              I happen to agree with you Joel, but we recently polled users (not just CHS users) giving them a range of choices about what the middle mouse button may do (including killing strokes), and the overwhelming response was that strokes were enormously valued (much more than I thought, I had assumed that I was right and I was going to get my middle button back for other things).


              So for the time being... strokes live on.

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                Well as any online gamer will tell you 40ms can make all the difference!  On TV recently the National Health Service have been running a campaign on detect strokes as early as possible in order to get them treated so even they are trying to eradicate them!


                I always (as I am sure you do Nigel) refer to Microsoft as the de facto standard for functionality (even Apple do this if you look at the similarity between the marvelous Windows Vista with the exception that the apple people only use a small amount of system resources...those resources are there to be used!) and as we all know they are always right....anyway getting back on track Microsoft use the mouse wheel for panning and zooming.


                I understand that people may want drawing related strokes but maybe there could be the option to choose either strokes or better panning/zooming functionality, and you were right in your thinking Nigel its just that all of the people in the survey were wrong!

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                  One other thing to consider is that VeSys Classic\VeSys 2.0 users (generally speaking) will have no experience of CAD systems that use strokes, in fact I would be willing to bet that 99% of VeSys Classic users have never heard of them whereas panning/scrolling with the mouse wheel will be more like 40+% users will be aware of this kind of functionality.

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                    Thanks for the feedback Joel, always good to have more input.

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                      I strongly second the use of mouse panning/zooming for CHS and Vesys (and other new products).  Especially, panning while dragging with the middle-mouse key/wheel pressed, and if possible even with velocity/accelaration sensitivity. 


                      This is especially useful for users who apart from CHS/VeSys, use other CAD applications.  Since MCAD work requires a lot of panning, etc (which I can do typically with Shift/Ctrl-Middle button drag), when I return to CHS/VeSys to check something out, my mind is still in the same expectation mode.  I currently would like to pan with the same paradigm!  Same with Spring zoom-pan.


                      Of course, a possible ER might be to have a hotkey-configurable way to switch between such panning and mouse strokes.  The default props file could have one setting, and I could switch in-session using the two hotkeys.


                      PS: NX and Pro/ENGINEER (Shift-MB drag for panning), CATIA (MMB-only for panning).  Therefore, I'd could MMB drag in CHS, etc with or without the Shift key pressed.


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                        I do like the sound of shift or control being used as a middle-mouse button modifier, and that's certainly something we'll consider (although it won't be configurable). I can see an interesting conversation about whether it's strokes or panning that might require the keyboard modifier to be held down!

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                          Panning in VeSys 2.0 is the number one complaint from new users.


                          As often as the pan command is used, adding any delay is a major waste of time.


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