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    Project Backup "Repair project" fixed but can not access?


      ICDB server [info]: [AutoSave] backup of size [12.1 kB] created successfully in location [C:\Users\kzych1\AppData\Local\Temp\7zO451F0B05\ProjectBackup\backups\2018-12-31 15.47.06 - auto.zip]

      Got the message: Project should be fixed. to revert changes please restore backup [2018-12-31- 15.25.41-repair.zip]

      this is where I am, I tried to call up the prj and get the below message, My guess is I din not "restore backup correctly" ??

      Help please, critical deadline, down to 70 disconnects and I need this database!!


      Data Source: "Parametric Data:Connector" needs your attention. Click here...



      Kathy Zych