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    how can i get positions of selection outline?


      Hi dear engineers


      I'm trying to leave rectangle after I select objects partially on drawing


      graphics options In display control, Selection Area allows me to recognize the bounds of area  where I select


      But if I select another area of the drawing, the old ones disappear and appear in new place.


      Therefore, If I can get the positions of selecton outlines, I can put a rectangle right above the selection area after I select.


      Please let me know how to get the positions of selection outlines or give me an idea to leave a trace of selection


      Thank you

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          Before attempting an answer, I need to better understand your goals.  When you select objects, do you want to place separate rectangles around the extents of each object, or one rectangle around the extent of all objects?  And, will the rectangles be placed on a user layer, a fabrication layer, or a conductive layer?  Also, are you planning to implement this as a VB script or an IDE form?