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Why couldn't even fix one of these obvious bugs for so long?Is PADS Standard Plus really not valued by Mentor?

Question asked by jin-zhifeng on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2019 by kbak

Why couldn't even fix one of these obvious bugs for so long?

I've always been a loyal user of PADS, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed.

I mentioned several obvious bugs from the year before last to the present. They were first found in PADS Standard Plus VX.2, then in VX.2.1, then in VX.2.2, then in VX.2.3 and then in VX.2.4, and have not been solved up to now.

I think these bugs are easy to solve, but I find mentor doesn't seem to really care about them.

Is Pads really not valued by siemens?


1,In win10, the PadsVX.2 PadsVX.2.1 PadsVX.2.2 PadsVX.2.3 PadsVX.2.4 visual style cannot be saved.

For example, I set the visual style to Microsoft Office 2007 Blue, or some other type, but when I restart the software, the visual style will automatically changes to Microsoft Office 2003.


After restarting the software




2,Are there too many UI problems in these dialog boxes, are there no users or software testers to discover and feedback????



3,Chinese translation errors