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Variant Manager - Variant/Function Matrix Readout

Question asked by fuba on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by Patrick.Cashman

Hello all,


has someone out there managed how to readout "Variant/Function Matrix" Tab in VX.2.1 ?


I am having trouble with the CreateObject("MGCVariantMgr.Document.41") command.




Dim _VmDoc As Document

Me._VmDoc = CType(CreateObject("MGCVariantMgr.Document.41"), MGCVARIANTMGR.Document)

Me._VmDoc = CType(CreateObject("MGCVariantMgr.Document"), MGCVARIANTMGR.Document)


according to regedit this 'MGCVariantMgr.Document' points to 'MGCVariantMgr.Document.41'

when I run this, i get an Exception "not able to create ActiveX Component"


Thank you