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Library Manager Does Not Open

Question asked by amccarter on Jan 22, 2019
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Firstly, I am using PADS VX.2.3 update 2 or 3, I just installed VX.2.3.8 but have not attempted with that yet.


I am having an issue where the Library Manager tool does not run when I click the Library Tools icon at the top. When I do, the output reads, "Started C:\MentorGraphics\PADSVX.2.3\SDD_HOME\common\win32\bin\LibraryManager.exe" as I expect. However, after a few seconds there is a flash of a window opening then closing and then the output reads, "Finished C:\MentorGraphics\PADSVX.2.3\SDD_HOME\common\win32\bin\LibraryManager.exe"; I will include a screenshot of this. My question is how to fix this?


For full transparency,


*I was given a new workstation and I therefore transitioned PADS from my old machine to my new one and removed PADS from the old machine. I am able to open PADS, obviously.

*The old workstation had both a C: and D: drive on board where PADS and it's library were installed on the D: drive at the following location: D:\ODA_Starter_Library\PADS_Library\PADS_Integrated_Library\PADS_Integrated_Library.lmc.

*PADS is now installed on the C: drive of the new machine without a D: drive and the library is stored at the following location: C:\Users\Andrew McCarter\Documents\To Sort\Documents\ODA_Starter_Library\PADS_Library\PADS_Integrated_Library\PADS_Integrated_Library.lmc.


I am wondering if there is an .ini file that needs to be updated with the correct locations, or some other file type that must be updated. Also, I get the same error when I go straight to the .lmc file and try to run it directly; I get an error that says, "ERROR: Cannot Start Application!".


Any help would be great because I am on a tight deadline to modify a design!!!