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xDX PADS STANDARD PLUS VX2.4.2 - Problem with color preferences management file

Question asked by ChangeMe_111924 on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by robert_davies

I have a problem with the color preferences file in seems a BUG.
xDX don't save the "filled" options for the "BOX", "CIRCLE" and "LINE" in the ".xdc" color preference file
; if we open the ".xdc" file, this fields are empty.


If i reload the ".xdc" preference file, the xDX color scheme change and return to the original setup, only for this filling options.

If I manually edit the "fill_color" fields in the ".xdc" file and then reload the file from xDX "Load Scheme" it works..........but if you re-save the color options with "save scheme" button, it will corrupt them again, leaving the "filled_color" fields in the ".xdc" file empty.

Is there a reason or is it a BUG ?

Thank you for your attention,