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Xpedition FabLink Drawing Editor manufacturing outline

Question asked by stempialdo on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by greghall

Hi there,


If I try to import a board into the FabLink Drawing editor I get an error saying "The board outline of the design, is not completely inside the manufacturing outline".

This is not actually the case as in Layout (VX.2.4) the manufacturing outline matches the board outline (or I get the same error even if I have extended the manufacturing outline as far as possible, way bigger than anything else in the design).


As a result, the board import into the Drawing Editor is not really successful; it only imports the board outline without any parts, tracks or plane (all layers visibility enabled).

In fact the component explorer only contains the drawing cell and the board outline. That means I can't create the assembly drawing etc..


Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?