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DxDesigner (Automation) - Renaming a rootblock

Question asked by christianwagner on Feb 2, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by peter_festesen



does anyone know of a way to rename a rootblock with automation in the design?



I found a solution to get the blockname and I found a solution to rename the boardname. But I didn´t found a way to rename the rootblock.


My code example in C#


ViewDraw.Application app = (ViewDraw.Application)Marshal.GetActiveObject("ViewDraw.Application");
var prjData = app.GetProjectData();
var rootBlock = prjData.GetiCDBDesignRootBlock(app.GetActiveDesign());

var board = prjData.GetiCDBDesigns().GetItem(1);
prjData.RenameiCDBDesign(board , board + "_new");


It would be great if someone knows a solution.