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    System Setup with A2B Analyzer and EVAL-AD2425WBZ (and I2S/TDM connection)


      Hello dear Mentor-Community,

      I am fairly new to A2B and Audiosystems, and having struggles with a setup.
      The setup consists of three devices and my laptop. The laptop as audio source, the Mentor A2B Analyzer as Master (distributing the audiosignals within the A2B Bus and checking the status of the devices), and one EVAL AD2425WBZ which should get the audio over A2B and then forward the audio signal to its I2S/TDM interface. An external amplifier is connected to this I2S/TDM interface and should receive the audiosignals. I am having troubles with the system setup. I somehow can't manage that the EVAL AD2425WBZ passes the audiosignals via TDM to the external board. The following pins are connected at the EVAL AD2425: BCLK, SYNC, DTX0 and Ground.

      The Mentor A2B Analyzer is connected to the laptop over USB, for transmitting audio over ASIO and to control the A2B System with the delivered software (Mentor Automotive A2B Analyzer Application). The external board is connected to the AD2425 over the I2S/TDM interface and via USB to the laptop (Control and Status Signals are shared via USB and are displayed with the software of Texas Instruments, in a next step-when the audiostream over I2S/TDM is working-the external amplifier board probably/hopefully will get I2C Signals over the EVAL AD2425WBZ, too. I simply can't find the correct settings to address the I2S/TDM output at the EVAL board.

      Is there any obvious flaw or error, which I am missing? Is more information or data needed for you to give me a helping hand?
      Thank you very much for your support and have a nice day!


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          Rajesh Alwar

          Hello Ksander,


          Thanks for sharing your question.


          Let's address this problem step by step.


          1. Before using ASIO as a source from Analyzer let's try the Internal Sources/WAV file from PC to send to the WBZ evaluation board.

          2. The A2B Analyzer Application has built-in register configuration settings for ADI 2425WBZ board. You can select the network "Stereo Example #2" in the Network tab. This will populate the network with 1 A2B Analyzer as Master and 1 2425 WBZ eval board as slave. You can then add Streams in the Node Simulation tab. I'd recommend adding Internal sine tone as source to begin with, and S0 (Slave 0) as sink. Once this is configured then you may click on Start Discovery + Start (or just Start with Discovery).


          At this point you should hear a sine tone from the Analog OUT on the EVAL-2425WBZ board.


          Once this works, you may then use the appropriate connections on the EVAL board to connect to your external AMP.


          Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out to us if you have more questions.



          Rajesh Alwar

          Mentor, A Siemens Business

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            Good morning Rajesh Alwar,


            first of all thank you for your answer and quick support.

            The described steps are already working, playing sound (not just sine but sound files from the computer [not using ASIO]) just with the AD2425 board is not a problem (analog output). I simply am not able to route the signal to the I2S/TDM interface. I already tried to configure the board in its registry without success. The external amplifier needs to get the signals through I2S/TDM. Thanks again!


            Best wishes


            P.S.: To be more precise, I made the following screenshot. In general I can not find an option to tell the A2B System, and the AD2425 board in general, to use its i2s/tdm interface for transmitting audio signals. Besides looking and modifying the register of the board, there is no "Sink"-Option which might lead to the desired setup. I hope this helps understanding my problem, please tell me if any information/screenshots are helpful, I will try to supply them.

            No I2S_TDM Sink.png

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              Rajesh Alwar

              Hi Ksander,


              Thank you for sharing the screenshot.


              Since you are using the A2B Analyzer as Master node in the setup and WBZ eval board as slave node in your network, you just have to sink to the slave node. The audio signal is sent to the slave board via A2B. This can be retrieved from the WBZ board from the IO pins on this evaluation board.


              In the screenshot you seem to have configured the A2B Analyzer as S0 - EVAL-AD2425WBZ but instead the A2B Analyzer needs to be configured as Master node (M - A2B Analyzer). Then you can sink to [S0] and the audio will be available in the IO pins of the board. If you do not have the schematics/pin out information of the WBZ board you might want to contact Analog Devices for that information and they will be able to help you with that.


              Rajesh Alwar

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                Hi Rajesh Alwar,


                thanks for your reply. Actually the A2B Analyzer is configured as the Master, the AD2425WBZ is the Slave in the A2B System. However it seems like the AD2425 does not output signals over I2S. I'll enclose some screenshots, including the general setup idea and the A2B GPIO display showing that Tx0 is not "active". So this seems to be the main struggle.Thanks for the support. Have a good day.




                setup.pngAnaylzer Application.png


                //Edit: So I just measured the Signals (BCLK, SYNC and DTX0) and it appears to send signals through the TDM interface (even if the Tx0 port is grayed out as seen in the screenshot), and audio is playing via analog out (headphone jack), too (simultaneously). However at the external amplifier board no sound is played.

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                  Rajesh Alwar

                  Hi ksander,


                  The A2B Analyzer sends the I2S/TDM signals via the A2B interface to the A2B slave nodes. The audio is available at the slave WBZ board. You can see the audio sent and received by the A2B chip in the Analyzer under the Slot Activity tab.


                  From what you are describing it looks like the, the external AMP is not receiving this I2S signals correctly from the WBZ slave board. Our recommendation will be to check the hardware configuration of your external AMP and the connections you are making between the WBZ slave and your external AMP.


                  - Rajesh