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System Setup with A2B Analyzer and EVAL-AD2425WBZ (and I2S/TDM connection)

Question asked by ksander on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by rajesh_alwar

Hello dear Mentor-Community,

I am fairly new to A2B and Audiosystems, and having struggles with a setup.
The setup consists of three devices and my laptop. The laptop as audio source, the Mentor A2B Analyzer as Master (distributing the audiosignals within the A2B Bus and checking the status of the devices), and one EVAL AD2425WBZ which should get the audio over A2B and then forward the audio signal to its I2S/TDM interface. An external amplifier is connected to this I2S/TDM interface and should receive the audiosignals. I am having troubles with the system setup. I somehow can't manage that the EVAL AD2425WBZ passes the audiosignals via TDM to the external board. The following pins are connected at the EVAL AD2425: BCLK, SYNC, DTX0 and Ground.

The Mentor A2B Analyzer is connected to the laptop over USB, for transmitting audio over ASIO and to control the A2B System with the delivered software (Mentor Automotive A2B Analyzer Application). The external board is connected to the AD2425 over the I2S/TDM interface and via USB to the laptop (Control and Status Signals are shared via USB and are displayed with the software of Texas Instruments, in a next step-when the audiostream over I2S/TDM is working-the external amplifier board probably/hopefully will get I2C Signals over the EVAL AD2425WBZ, too. I simply can't find the correct settings to address the I2S/TDM output at the EVAL board.

Is there any obvious flaw or error, which I am missing? Is more information or data needed for you to give me a helping hand?
Thank you very much for your support and have a nice day!