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Where can I get the footprint after download at PartQuest

Question asked by r.asuncion on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by Community_Admin

Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to explore PartQuest using PADS Layout. I followed some instructions like going to PartQuest website and edit my profile to select "PADS Netlist without Xdx Databook" as my current flow. Then, after installing PADS Integration utilility I was able to download a part (P1.0KBCTR-ND) and extracted .pqz file and placed it in my local folder.

Question is, how can I use or pull that particular part now that I'm ready to start my layout?


There were only two options I found. First, by clicking the icon Import PartQuest Part but obviously it shouldn't be as I was only directed to the website.

Second, I was trying to find the part by looking into my library list (partquest) but unfortunately, it wasn't there.


You're help will be very much appreciated.


Regards and Thanks,