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Cadra v18 silent installation -- 12 Feb 2019

Question asked by proverbs36 on Feb 12, 2019



We are building a silent installation image for Cadra v18. Since this version of Cadra uses InstallShield, we have used the typical "/r" command line switch to record the installation results from a manual installation of Cadra v18. But when we run the installation of Cadra v18 in silent mode using the recorded ISS file, we are still faced with the dialog window to set the monitor size and mouse settings:




We are also faced with the Keylok dialog window:



Is there a different command line switch that we can apply to the Cadra v18 setup capture that will capture these dialog window results into the ISS file? Or is there possibly a manual edit that can be applied to the ISS file so that we can achieve a completely silent installation package of Cadra v18?


Thank you!!