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Error with Calibre PEX using IBM PDK

Question asked by growingmind on Feb 19, 2019
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This is an update from my previous message in this community:


I am now using an updated version of Cadence (1.6.7.b where b = base version) and an updated version of Calibre (2015.2).


I am still getting errors with the PEX Rules file compilation but no longer with the LVS or DRC rules file compilations.


Calibre will not compile the PEX rules file and gives me the following error (attached).


The vendor of the PDK tested this with Cadence IC and Calibre 2015.4.


A colleague of mine can run the same PDK with Cadence and Calibre 2014, not Calibre 2015.


What reason, then could it be that I get a compilation error when my Calibre version is newer ?  Is it the older version of Cadence 1.6.7 ?


Does that affect the running of the Calibre PEX or Calibre LVS or Calibre DRC ?

The old Cadence version ?


Can this error be fixed ?  What can I do ?  Contact the PDK Vendor ?  Cadence told me it could not help.


Thank you.