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Understanding difference between lumped and distributed decoupling analysis with simple R-L-C or S-parameter model

Question asked by hungdang1506 on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by weston_beal

Dear Experts,

I try to simulate PDN by lumped and distributed analysis with simple RLC and S-parameter model for the capacitor.

Please see the result in the picture below:


my Ztarget = 0.93 * 0.05 / (0.5 * 154) = 0.6mOhm.

Look into the result, I have some concerns below:

1 /. Why is there a big gap between blue line and red line? It mean which is more accuracy? simple RLC or S-parameter / SPICE model?

2 /. To tune PDN by changing the decoupling capacitor, which method simulation I should follow? Distributed or lumped analysis?


Thank you so much.


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