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Hope to Get Sample Gerber data from You

Question asked by yu.yanfeng on May 8, 2009
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As seen, I have posted much for SIP(Self Intersecting Polygon) issue in Expeditionpcb's Gerber output, but got less feedback from You, the Expeditionpcb Users. These day, Things got worse when more and more designs be finished in Xtremepcb platform and send to fabs. We received lot of complains from our fab partner, they complaining there are SIPs(Self-intersecting Polygon) in our data, and make them in trouble,sometimes they request a repaired gerber data.  Our managment let us to visit fabs next week and get thing done.


Personally I really known why this happened and think SIPs is common to all Expeditionpcb design with comlex positive planes .Partionally, It is caused by the design, but mostly  is caused by Expeditionpcb. We know you can't expect any Layout system always output gerbere data which is without any SIPs,  We also know that  one of main feature for the CAM system is the capability for repairing SIPs in the input data. Unfortunately, most of CAM system used by our fab partners can't repair automatically SIPs in our Gerber output generated by Expeditionpcb, and Expedtionpcb almostly output every data with SIPs for those planes layers when using Decimal .5 data format. We are not the only one who encouting this symptom. I found other Expeditionpcb custermer( Charales Ietswaard ) reported this symptom in the community. Charales have a workaroun(He use Wise's Gerbtool to read in all gerber data and Export out it again to eliminute SIPs).  I think this workaround isn't effective, it only be effective for some small  designs, not to all. 


We have logged this issues in the supportnet began in Jan 2008 and remarked it as one of top issues in a meeting with Mentor BD




Becasue My boss want us to solve this problem a.s.a.p I think I need you helps. Because the problem is definitely in Expeditionpcb side,So one sample gerber data with positive planes is enought to help me get the problem clear.


Thanks in Advances