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    API Eldo/calibre



      I need to create an API(application programming interface) that can convert electrical data from eldo .chi file into an svrf file so calibre can use this data.

      Any idea???


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          HI Anne-Marie. Can you explain more about what data you want to convert from the Eldo .chi file to Calibre? What do you expect Calibre to be doing with this information? Displaying it in using Calibre RVE? Something else?



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            Hi Karen,

            First I'd like to thank you for your reply.

            Actually I have some stress modelling equations from the model card that must be converted into a SVRF file so Calibre can verify the corresponding circuit with stress taken into consideration.



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              Hi Anne-Marie. It is best to make the changes to the Calibre LVS rule file. If you look at the SVRF 2009.1 Manual, there are several sections that are useful for stress effects:


              Table 5-4. Device Property Computation Built-In Functions

              pg. 1485 Look for enclosure_parallel and enclosure_perpendicular


              DEVICE syntax, pg. 180


              Since I don't work for the LVS group, it might be best if you contact someone directly for help with this. Do you have access to an AE or to customer support?