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Jumping to top in Contentview not working

Question asked by ton.s on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by Community_Admin

This is the situation:

when you go into the content section of this forum - no matter what your filter settings are set - and you like to go to the next page, you don't get any feedback of it ... well no other than the changed content, but this is hardly to see. The most other platforms, no matter if any searchmachines, or any forum, after clicking on the next page button or directly selecting a page in the 'overview' of it, the page is loading the new contentpage and jumps to the top.

For me it is still confusing, even if I know that this page is doing such things.


and also you don't have the opportunity to create ideas in a general section in this forum, so I share my point of view on this way with you.