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Added 2 Layers and receive error - "Encountered improper argument"

Question asked by pcbdude on Mar 19, 2019

So I have a 12 layer stackup and added 2 more layers within the 'core' layers. Renamed the layers to match for 14 layer definition. Also the 'Dielectric' naming was adjusted to match. However, once I okay the stackup editor, I'm unable to open the Setup Parameters to adjust the vias. I receive an error stating 'Encountered an improper argument' and I cannot do anything at all with the design so I have to close out with no save. I've run diagnostics on the Layout with no issues reported. I even deleted all non used vias in the local library because I was informed it could be a via issue. Has anyone run across this issue and what was your workaround? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.