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copper pour in vx2.4

Question asked by power_supply_guy on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by MENTOR_BillT

I have just upgraded from VX2.2 to VX2.4. The copper pour as been removed and it only has copper to initially place on the board and then I need to change it to a plane. I design power supplies and constantly use the flood command with the copper pours for heavy current connections that need to be poured around anther components, when it poured the copper it always made connections using the settings in the thermal setup for the pad shape. Is there a way of placing copper pours without having to place copper and then change it to a copper plane? this is kind of a hassle when I can have over 100 pours.



draw copper pour

select net

pick pour copper




draw copper

select net

pick shape

change to copper plane

choos the pad I am connecting and check plane thermal

pick plane manager 'select all



Am I missing something? or did my job just get more involved.