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    Fablink hatched pattern in pdf extended print problem


      Hi there


      I am using VX.2.4 (Update 2), I am having a hard time producing a pdf in Fablink Drawing editor using the “Extended Print”.


      Basically I can’t find the right combination of settings for the “economode” and “opaque areas” options that result in a faithful representation of what I see on the screen of the Drawing Editor.

      I have a copper plane (hatched pattern) and I can’t print that same view on the pdf (the manual says “with hatch patterns may result in unintended results”). However some pattern shows up for a pad. Please see attached pic.


      I don’t have this issue when I use the Print button (but that only prints one single sheet in one pdf), so for a multisheet assembly drawing I have to use the “Extended Print” option.

      Does anybody know what setting should I use to get the pdf looking like what I see on the screen? (I am not concerned about pdf file size).



      Best regards