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Layout Aborts if Remote Drive is Not Connected?

Question asked by greggs on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by greggs

Just discovered something very scary.


For whatever reasons, our server or WIN 10 issues, it's not uncommon when booting up in the morning to NOT have all my remote drives connected.  Sometimes Windows will tell me, sometimes it won't.  The fix is very simple. Open a browser window, click on Drive.  For obvious reasons, I like to keep the pcb libraries on a remote drive.  Yesterday, not realizing that my drives were not connected, I invoked Layout.  It gives me a message that the REUSE folder can't be located and automatically aborts!  I quickly discovered the same old problem and went about my day.  Later thinking about the ramifications of this, I tried a little experiment.  I purposely disconnected the pcb library drive and sure enough got the same result.

Is this correct?  Layout will refuse to operate if a Library drive can't be found?  Suppose the disconnected drive issue is a long term issue.  You are completely SOL to do any work? How would you temporarily overcome this?