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Error adding symbol to EDM

Question asked by mpachol on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by simon_collins

Hi Everyone,

I'm having a problem uploading a new part symbol to EDM for new symbols and symbols that have existed and checked back in after check out. Currently, I'm creating a resistor symbol with the name 'Resistor' and once complete trying to add to EDM. When uploading to EDM or checking in i receive the EDM librarian error: "An error was encountered during the Add to EDM Server process. See log file..." Seen below.




I then check the log file and recieve the following message from the LoadNewSymbolsToDMS.txt:



LogFilesCentral Library: Y:\MentorGraphics\Master_Library_XV_2_4\Master_Library_XV_2_4.lmc

Database Alias: xdm-4dfdef0a0d9

Library: EE

Processing New Central Library Objects...

...Processing 1 DX symbol partition with new objects

...Processing Resistor DX symbol partition

...Processing 1 DX symbols

Loader loads Symbol Resistor:Resistor...

Action finished with errors:

Library type: SYMBOL, partition(s) count: 1, item(s) count: 1

Partition name: Resistor, item(s) count: 1

name=Resistor, source=LOADER



operationType=Load, operationAction=Update object result=FAIL message=com.mentor.dms.loader.dxsymbol.exceptions.DxParseLineException: Incorrect file line: l 15 1333500 0 1206500 0 1143000 0 1016000 -254000 762000 254000 508000 -254000 254000 254000 0 -254000 -254000 254000 -508000 -254000 -762000 254000 -1016000-254000 -1143000 0 -1206500 0 -1333500 0



Errors encountered!


I've tried resync'ing, and reuploading to EDM, but I can't seem to get past this problem each time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.